Getting Published

I have to say that getting published is not a walk in the park. It takes patience and much research.  I chose to go with self-publishing but that may not be the way for everyone. Even self-publishing takes work. Nobody does the work for you. You have complete control over what you want your book to look like and read like. This is not easy.

This is my publishing group, but you can find more on the web.

If you do not want to self-publish, my advice is, enter contests. Even if you don't win, continue with your work. Rejection is just one of the obstacles you have to face. Do not let it discourage you. If you feel the writing bug in you, go with it. A rejection letter can sometimes help you find what it is you need to work on.

Continue to submit your work to publishers. Remember, your manuscript should be prepared according to a professional manuscript format. Editors are more likely to read your work if it is presented right.There are plenty of websites that can give you advice on this.

This is just a few that helped me along. Remember, research everything you have questions about. There are articles all over the web that will help you on your way.

If you have alternate websites, myspace, facebook, etc., it is always good to make friends with other authors. Many of them have no problem giving you advice. Do not try to promote your book with them. If they are friends on your sites, they know what you do, and if they are interested, they will let you know.

I hope this gives some of you a little information on how to get started. Good luck with your work and happy reading.